I make figurative and abstract paintings and drawings on canvas, panel and paper. I work freely on a dozen or so pieces at the same time, shifting between them as images take form and compositions develop. An expressive and direct approach to mark making is central to my process - drawing doesn’t end once the painting starts but happens throughout, at times by way of scraping and scoring the surface with saw blades and old hand tools.

I find creating an image to be a stuttering process, there is a gradual build up of energy in the studio before sporadic bursts of activity and decision making, interspersed with (often long) periods of reflection and contemplation. Paintings can lay dormant for weeks and months, then swiftly reach an end point. Generally, I find that obstacles are overcome and progress only made through the action upon and reaction to the surface and images in front of me.

Patrick Gomersall is a painter and media composer living and working in Yorkshire, UK.

All images © Patrick Gomersall